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Top Real Estate Investors Hire Trained Virtual Assistants With World Class Systems
Real Estate Trained
Extensive real estate training for immediate implementation and high level output.
World Class Systems
"All wealth is built upon systems." Dan Kennedy
Proven Results
A-Players + World Class Systems = Results

Real Estate Investor Trained
Training is the process of acquiring the essential skills required for a certain job.

The concept is easy ... making it happen is hard!

Our trained virtual assistants are equipped with the necessary skills and experience to provide massive value to your business! IVAS was created by investors for investors!
World Class Systems
  • Answer the Phones | Seller Leads
  • Property Analysis - Accurate Comps
  • Massive Buyers List - Any wholesaler's most valuable asset!
  • All Admin Duties - Highest and best use of time goes for your team also!
  • And So Much More...

Matt Theriault says:

I needed to start doing what smart people were doing ... and that's outsourcing the majority of my essential day to day work. I now know all of my leads are being worked as effectively as they should be. IVAS is a tremendous value for my business.

Joe McCall says:

My virtual assistant jumped right in and started working prospects effectively and implementing great systems for growth. Really awesome working with IVAS.

Bryan Harris says:

4 deals closed the first 2 days on the job! That's value!

Dan Smith says:

Because of my trained virtual assistants I can now work on my business and not in my business. I have really freed up my time ... both for my business and my family!

Kris Moris says:

My virtual assistant is crushing our inbound leads from direct mail! The acquisition guys are completely focused on motivated sellers. My time is spent creating new marketing projects which has allowed for huge growth!

Brad Chandler says:

Our virtual assistants are making over 500 calls a day. In a competative market like DC that gives us a huge advantage over our competitors.
What will your success story be?
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